9 May / 2020(610)…Vijay Hazare Trophy -A short analysis of longest format!

Like Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy is one of the longest 50-over format in world cricket. There 38 teams playing 169 games in 15 grounds of only 7 cites. Dehradun and Jaipur hosted the maximum matches.

Karnataka won the Vijay Hazare Trophy, their fourth success in this format. The finals was interrupted during the chase and Karnataka were much head of VJD par score!.


In today’s power hitting age, overall run-rate in this season’s tournament was low at 4.84, and only 2 cites had more than 5 R/o (Jaipur and Bangalore).  However teams are divided into 4 groups

The Elite Group A and B consists of 9 teams

The Elite Group C and D consists of 10 teams

Run rate in Group A and C had > 5 R/O.

In batting teams with highest run-rate were Mumbai  @6.38, followed by Kerala @5.66 and Puducherry 5.64.

In bowling , teams with lowest run-rate were Puducherry @3.43,  U. P @3.89, Vidarbha 4.00, Punjab 4.05



Result summary

Results summary of various targets (including) 33 reduced matches.

Of 169 matches, 148 was result oriented

2 were tied matches

And 19 were abandoned


1st bat : 64 wins = 37.86 %

1st bat target result Mts  Won % success
250-270 21 10 47.61
260-280 17 8 47.05
270-290 12 8 66.66
280-300 15 12 80.00
300+ 14 13 92.85


2nd bat : 83 win =  49.11 %


2nd bat chasing(Target) result Mts  Won % success
150-175 14 9 64.29
170-190 19 13 68.42
180-200 22 11 50.00
200-220 22 13 59.09
220-240 16 8 50.00
230-250 12 5 41.67
250-275 22 10 45.45
275+ 31 5 16.13


From above table it is very clear there were not many big scores to chase down, hence there were more success for teams batting second.


Big scores


With low run-rate through the tournament, a total of 300+score had become a winning total.

There were 14 instances teams scored 300+ while batting first, and only once a team (Mumbai)lost.

Interestingly Mumbai was the only team to score maximum(4) 300 scores, and they also happened to be the only team to concede maximum(3) 300 runs!!.

Here is a brief stats analysis of all groups




Group A 

Karnataka the champions won 10 out of 11 matches this year. They batted first in 5 matches and scored 270+ in all those games.

While bowling 1st, only once they conceded > 250 and it was in the finals v/s Tamil Naidu.

Mumbai was the only team that had highest run-rate, most 300plus scores, yet it was their bowling that let them down.

Group B

Shockingly the run-rate in Group B was the lowest in this tournament. In 37 games played by this group there was not a single score of 300 score and only thrice teams manage to post 250 plus scores (259, 299 and 260). It suggests that teams chasing was easy, because teams were not able to score big while batting first.




Group C 

Tamil Naidu the finalist had a great tournament losing only 2 matches. They batted well and only once lost all their 10 wkts (finals). Their 1st bat was excellent, 5 out of 7 times they went past 270 scores, winning 5 losing 1 and one abandoned.


Plate Group 

The most unpredictable group of the tournament. Here the run-rate was good, with 4 teams scoring more than 5 r/o and in bowling 5 teams conceded less than 4.50 r/o. There were highest number of lower scores in this group.

 Puducherry being the top team, they batted really well, but it was their bowling that caught the eye. Overall they conceded 3.64 runs and 9 out of 10 times they dismissed teams for < 200 while bowling first!!.


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