5 May / 2020(609)…Ranji Trophy -A short analysis of longest format!

A very brief analysis on one of the longest 1st class format in world cricket. The Ranji Trophy

Ranji Trophy season(2019-20). A tournament of 169 matches, played by 38 teams in 51 cities and 64 grounds.


Here is snap shot of stats from season 2019-20

  • The tournament of 169 matches played by 38 teams divided into 4 groups. Each team playing 9 matches.
  • For the very first time Saurashtra won the Ranji Trophy in a drawn final against Bengal at Rajkot. They won the match by taking a 1st inning lead of 44 Runs. From 11 matches played they lost only one game, and interestingly these teams (Bengal, Delhi, U.P. H.P, J & K, Bihar, Puducherry)also lost only one game in the entire tournament!.
  • From 169 matches – 26 teams were asked to follow-on(15.38 % of total matches)
  • Maximum Lead given : Teams that took lead in maximum matches : 10 times (Saurashtra, and J & K) 9 times  (Bengal, Odisha, Goa, Chandigarh, Puducherry)
  • Maximum Lead Conceding: teams that conceded maximum leads. 8 times (Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand) 7 times (Sikkim, Manipur) 6 times (Hyderabad, Kerala, UP,Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand , Nagaland).
  • No Lead conceded : Interestingly only three teams (J & K, Puducherry and Chandigarh) didn’t conceded a single lead in any of the matches they played in this tournament!.
  • Not Losing a single match: Chandigarh is the only team that didn’t lose a single game in this tournament. The finalist Saurashtra and Bengal lost one each.
  • Maximum wins: 7 times (Puducherry, Goa ) 6 times (Jammu & Kashmir, Saurashtra, Gujarat)
  • Maximum Loss :  7 times (Uttarakhand,  Manipur) 6 times (Hyderabad, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh)
  • Not Winning a single match : (Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh), and surprisingly Hyderabad (one of the top teams)won only 1 match.
  • Big Scores (400+ in both inns) 6 times (Saurashtra, Chandigarh and Goa) 5 times (Mumbai)
  • Low Scores( < 150 total in both inns) 11 times (Manipur) 10 times (Uttarakhand) 9 times(Mizoram) 8 times (Tripura) 7 times(Sikkim) 6 times(Kerala, Railways, Arunachal Pradesh)


The Plate Group

(This group had inconsistent performance this season)


  • Maximum high scores
  • Maximum low scores
  • Maximum conceded leads
  • Maximum lead given
  • Maximum difference in 2nd Inns scores.
  • Maximum losses
  • Maximum wins
  • Chandigarh, was the only team that didn’t lose a single in this tournament!.


2nd Inn score is more than 1st Inn score!.

It hardly happens because playing condition on day one and two is conducive to batting. One can understand if you are playing in England or New Zealand where early season weather is cloudy, and lack of sunshine. Batting in these condition are tough, and most times 1st inning gets over on day one!.

Interestingly this Ranji season we saw in 103 matches(60.94%) less runs were scored in 1st innings. It suggests batting first (1st inn) has been difficult for teams. The maximum happened when they batted on day one!.

This is considered to be very high when you are playing between the month of December -March. This period is ideal time to play cricket,  there is balance between bat and ball. 

Result summary of teams with their respective groups. A rare sight in 1st class matches when teams score more in 2nd inns  

In group A Kerala and Hyderabad conceded lead in most matches.Andhra in 4 matches scored more runs in 2nd inns> 1st innsIn Group B U.P conceded lead in most matches. Karnataka gave lead in most matches, also scored more runs in 2nd inns > 1st inns.
Group C - Uttarakhand conceded in most matches, & also happen to score more in 2nd inns > 1st innsGroup Plate- Arunachal conceded in most matches. Manipur scored more in 2nd inns >1st inns


Here is GFX  of Group-wise Gap factor between few chosen indicators 

  • Average Runs/wkts
  • Bat Teams scored Total of 400+ Runs
  • Bat Teams dismissed for total of 150 or less runs
  • Bowling Team conceded total of 400 + runs
  • Bowling Team conceded total of 150 or less




Here is a link to  Milind Kumar’s 2018-19 Ranji performance.



This year he played for Tripura scoring a modest 449 runs in 15 Inns

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