23 Mar / 2020(604)…Women’s Cricket: Follow your style and create your own standard


Women’s cricket should follow their own style. Currently like men they too are relying on power hitting.  They have potential to play their own game, especially in batting. Women’s cricket has one of the stylish and complete batters in world cricket!. For their exposure and experience they have excellent game awareness. These women have great technique and if exposed to regular cricket in all format they would be the best Cricket has seen!.

In terms of popularity, TV audience, gate attendance this World Cup was a huge hit, a sell out crowd of 86,000 plus came to witness host Australia win at MCG finals!. A very successful tournament –

However if we compare women’s cricket with other sport women play, than cricket is far behind. Women have excelled in sport for some time, not only individual sport, but even team sport. Its surprising to see women’s cricket lagging behind…

In terms of results Women’s T20 World Cup was similar to how result panned in Men’s World Cups, i.e very few closely fought matches.

Improvement and growth 

  • Their bowling has been accurate all the time, but due to match pressure and crunch situation almost all teams have succumbed to wayward line and length. This is due to lack of quality contest.
  • They can improve on their run-up, and bowling action that will enhance their speed and accuracy
  • Spin has been their choice of weapon in this World Cup. Now it is time they(most teams) improve and sharpen their variation, i.e doosra, googlies, arm-ball, and fast bowlers can improve their variation – i.e slower bouncers, knuckle ball, Yorkers.
  • Fielding is an area where they can work harder – and it does not require huge muscles and high speed. It requires basic knowledge of the game, and most of the team have game awareness.
  • Some of the women fielders are world class. In terms of experience its equal to men!.
  • Interestingly when fielding, almost every team has game awareness.
  • World Cup is about pressure, and when applied, most teams succumbed to it in this T20 WC. They lost their way and never fought back to take the match to the final moments. It is not that they are not aware of it, but are not aware or exposed to such situation on regular basis.

Below i have used Infogram to display my analysis. In future I will be using this same file to analyse women’s cricket



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