19 Dec / 2018(545)…Australia’s Test match run-rate has been low…but batsmen are occupying crease for longer period(100+overs)

There has been a drop in batting run-rate in test matches for Australia at home. It was during last year’s Ashes series(2017-18) their run rate started to slip down alarmingly(home and away)!.

In that series their overall rate in 8 innings was 2.97, of which in 5 innings it was less than 2.99 /over – meaning more than 50% for the entire series!.

This is the first time since 1998 (at home) that more than 50% of innings had less than 2.99/over.

While looking at their run-rate I did check their HIGHER RUN RATE (> 4 runs/over) and how many times they batted > 100 overs in an innings. Interestingly in last 3 years there is increase in > 100 overs/inns (57.14) and also increase in lower run rate (< 3.00/over)


Below table is list of Australia’s home series performance since 1998.

All data updated at end of 2nd Test at Perth, of Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2018-19


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