8 Mar / 2018(512)…FACE OFF

In the light of Warner De Kock saga. I wonder boxing sport can be the answer to it ?. In boxing we see players FACEOFF in press interviews before their duel.

This Muhmmad Ali v Joe Frazer 1971 FIGHT OF THE CENTURY video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g628CMIp-Vw)  exemplifies bragging, aggression and sledging. Nevertheless one can understand cricket is a longest sport and not a physical one. The game has many ups and downs, and there are chances teams can lose the game after gaining initial upper hand !.

Hence it is not easy to entirely stop on-field or off-field sledging. Then there are players who would wait till the outcome of the match/series is decided, they would then start chatting, bragging and sledge their opponent. Parthiv Patel is an example I can remember of.

It was Steve Waugh’s last test innings – (4th Test @SCG) and Patel the Indian keeper decided to sledge Tugga when he came to bat in 2nd inn…..till then he was all quite behind the stumps!.

Anyway, I personally feel if players are allowed to brag, sledge (not fake) face to face in front of the media and team members, then there is a possibility that they would display more cricketing skills and brag/sledge less.

There is also chance for them to improve their skill. <Think like a cricketer>

To conclude this very small post –

In recent times David Warner role play in Test cricket is second to none. Since Jan 2017, in 26 inns, 10 times he batted beyond the 30th over and only once was dismissed inside the 3rd overs!!..

One time known for his explosive batting (pocket dynamite)Warner now has changed his batting style. He is batting with great responsibility, and now hardly uses his pyrotechnique methods in any format(especially the switch hit)

His Test career stats – Tests 72 /133 inns, 41 times batted beyond 30th over and 19 times dismissed inside 3rd over.



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