15 Oct / 2017(488)…ODIs(2017)Few close results

This year One day cricket has been one-sided with game favoring the bat.

As Bangladesh take on host South Africa in 3- match series, the 24th series this year, there are hardly any close result in 95 games played.  Only 12.93% went down to wire, viz close finish.

In the first ODI in ongoing series between South Africa v/s Bangladesh. Host South Africa are asked to chase score of 279. This happens to be their 4th game this year where their target is >270 runs. They lost all three!. 


Close results 

  • less than 10 runs – 6 matches (6.31%)
  • Less than 3 wickets – 5 matches  (5.26%)
  • Last over finish (less than over left in the match) – 5 matches (5.26%)

South Africa were involved in 3 close games(played 16 games)

  • winning one game with a ball to spare(target 211)
  • and losing 2 games with < 10 runs margin (target > 270)
  •  So far Bangladesh were not involved in any close game this year.

Here is a link to Margin of wins

(465).. Game will evolve when margin of wins is high between two equally strong teams.



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