3 Sep / 2017(475)…Significance of first Test match

Since Oct’98 Australia are playing their 70th test series (including one-off test match) of which they have won 47. They have lost their first test in ongoing 2-test(70th series)in Bangladesh, hence they do not have any chance of winning the series.

In today’s Test cricket scenario -result of first test is vital for test teams, especially when you are playing short series.  Therefore let us look at Australia’s trend analysis after first test result.  Here I am not including one-off tests (played two against Zimbabwe) for the analysis.


As we now know Australia don’t win series if they lose their first match, and they hardly draw the series.

Let us look at series result after they lost their first test match.

After being behind 0-1 Australia have drawn only three series and lost 14 test series. Here is a list of those series in which they were behind by one or more test match and then either lost or leveled the series.


The ongoing series (70th) is not included in this analysis.

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