24 Aug / 2017(473)…Australia’s winning trend in Asia (Oct-98-2017)



Below table is a brief trend analysis of Australia’s test performance in Asia and thorough explanation of those stats.


  • Result: Won 30.23 %, Lost 44.18%, Drawn 25.58%. Their success rate of not losing(win + draw) is 55.81%, is decent considering unfamiliar condition.
  • In terms of Innings played Australia batted less(3) than their host yet they scored more runs, scored more centuries and frequency of big score is better than their host!.
  • Australian bowling had superior 1st inning performance as their frequency of dismissing their host under 250 is every 5 innings, compare to Australia who in every 9 innings score less than 250 in 1st inns.
  • The second inning is worrying factor for Australia. Every 4 inning they are dismissed inside 250 compare to host who get dismissed inside 250 every 7 innings.
  • The partnerships list is balanced in terms of average runs – they score and conceded one 100+ in every test match.
  • Harbhajan Singh (15-217) is the best match figure for any bowler in Asia and Nathan Lyon/ Shane Warne (12-70) is the best for Australia
  • Inspite having to bowl in lesser(3) inning, Asian bowlers picked huge amount of five wkt haul(38) and ten wkt/match(7) haul, and among them only three were for fast bowlers, rest were picked by spinners. Australia on the other hand bowled in more innings(82) picked only 29 five wicket haul(9 less than host) and 4 ten wkt/match –
  • 10 five. The most fascinating part of this stat is – out of 29 five-wicket haul, 10 were taken by fast bowlers(6 of them coming in last 3 series) !!.
  • All the primary indicators are equal and in balance- albeit boundary rate. Here Australian bowlers conceded more boundaries than Asian bowlers. The Eco. Rate(C M, C 3, L 3 ) is marginally better for host teams.

Partnerships trends for Aussies suggests-bowling should concede few or no 100+ partnerships!.

Below tables are list of partnerships for each wicket for Australia and for their opponents in Asia. In bracket there are No. of 100 plus partnerships.
The win factor is an eye opener clearing things out. Let us look at how these figures are stacked up when we look at partnerships of 13 test wins only. Interestingly the average opening stand is lower when Australia is winning test cricket, and it is the 2nd, 4th and 6th wkt that holds the fort for them.

Another interesting fact is the amount of 100 plus partnerships against Australia - viz very few (7) compare to overall(49) 100+ partnerships. I believe this is the key for Australian bowlers to win test matches in Asia.
Below gfx displays batting partnerships comparison(all test v win )
Below gfx displays bowling partnerships comparison(all test v win )

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