24 Feb / 2017(447)…Border-Gavaskar series :All action(lunch+hour & tea+hour)

The season of 2016-17 for India has been the most busiest year as far as Test cricket is concerned. So far 9 test matches have been played of which 39 days(from 45 stipulated days) of test cricket we had.

Below graphic is hourly breakdown of 9 tests played in India. 

In all 291 wickets fell in those 9 test matches. In one-hour either side of lunch and tea maximum wickets(116/291) fell and most runs(3959/11120) scored!. The run-rate was 3.25 and batting avg@ 34.12 runs/wkt.


Hourly breakdown

Below graphics display hourly performance (using only 3 indicators) of each team that took part in three series that was played in India(2016-17).




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