12 Jul / 2016(414)…Test rush

From 14th July 2016 the next 48 days will have a boom of 15 Tests matches played across the cricketing world.

In history of Test cricket, this is the maximum Test played in such short span (less than 2 months).

Last year(2015), in spite having 50-over World Cup, maximum Tests(44)matches were played.

For Test cricket history, both these feats are unique and never achieved in past.

Usually the rush of Test cricket is at tail-end of a year….though this year, 15-Tests are played from mid-July to end August.

From 14th July till end of August 5 Test series will be played. They are

Pak in Eng (4-Test series)

Ind in WI (4-Test series)

Aus in SL (3-Test series)

NZ in Zim(2-Test series)

NZ in SA (2-Test series)


List of Test matches played.

Below are tables containing list of Tests played since 1877.
Table 1- period wise list of Test played.
18777-Test list
Table 2 : Yearly list of Tests played since 2000.
2000-2016 test list


Let us see how this will have effect on their rankings. 

Out of those five, only 3 series will challenge the No. 1 spot. The Pakistan v England, Australia v Sri Lanka and India v West Indies.

Australia (ranked 1): To remain on top, they have to win their Sri Lanka series convincingly and hope Pakistan win by one test, or lose, or draw their series in England.

Pakistan(ranked 2) : To become the No. 1 Test team, they have to win their England series convincingly, and Australia should lose their series in Sri Lanka, or win by least margin.

England(ranked 3): To become No.1 Test team, they have to win their series by 2 tests and hope Australia lose their series in Sri Lanka.

India(ranked 4):  To become No.1 Test team, they have to win their series by 2 test and hope that the other two series are draw, or Eng and SL win them!.


All data updated at end of Sri Lanka in England series.

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