22 Nov / 2015(358)…Cricket Magic Under Lights.

We(Arthur and me) also had a dialogue on new venture cricket is marching into- viz Test matches played in under lights (day/night) with pink ball!.  


  Cricket Magic Under Lights.


Day/Night cricket crept into the WACA tonight. It didn’t come in a monumental blaze of glory. It was almost an apology, like Sheffield Shield Cricket has become, when it isn’t played as Day/Night..

 A scratch match between WA and New Zealand, 90 overs in each day, started at 2pm, finished at 10 tonight and will again tomorrow. Pink ball rehearsal for Adelaide test match…that’s it.

 The West Australian publicised it. 300-500 people turned up. Maybe there were 500 tonight under lights. The atmosphere was magical. It made one feel alive to not have to face the heat. The players looked like Gods. The ball was clear to all. The WACA has wonderful lights, and the field and surrounds looked 100 % better at night than in the 37 degree afternoon. Bless those lights, the ones that Cricket Australia bankrolled tonight.

 Fans and players alike excelled in the evening air. Not in the day.

 No matter that NZ were just using maybe 8 bowlers to rotate and trial towards the Test. Getting wickets on the WACA, even against a WA 2nd XI, is hard yakka anytime. Tonight was a road again. A Road leading to nowhere.

 WA had passed 300 in 80 overs when I picked up the kids and trundled out. Sam Whiteman had collected a lovely ton and Will Bosisto had got 78 very meritorious runs. None of the Kiwi bowlers looked dangerous, just workmanlike. But that is the Kiwis. They are understated. And when you least expect it, they bite you hard in the rear end. And maybe they’ll do that in Adelaide.

 Sitting there tonight, I could honestly say I don’t want to sit in the heat at any cricket match ever again. If there is shade and a drink and a burger handy…okay! But the only cricket I’ll be going to is T20 D/N, ODI D/N, and Tests /Multi day games D/N.

 Forget the coddswallop about balls and batting under lights in Tests. The only way bowlers get any edge is under lights, and the players get respite by 10-15 degrees of separation. And so do the fans. And the whole affair is magical. The game grows luminous!

Test Cricket will grow under lights. ODI’s will grow under lights, and when they become 40 overs. And T20 has grown beyond cricket’s wildest imagination, especially at twilight. The light in Cricket’s brain has been switched on…for the thinking cricket fan.

 The ICC has let the cat out of the bag. Day/Night is here forever, in all 3 forms of International Cricket.






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Thank you Arthur for your wonderful views and comments 🙂  

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