21 Nov / 2015(356)…He is a wicket taking bowler!. What does it mean ?.

 The phrase "wicket taking bowler" is generally used when a bowler concedes more runs (than he is expected to) and picks wickets. It suggests that his economy rate is compromised for strike rate.

However I personally feel that if a bowler is taking wickets(to genuine wicket taking deliveries) than his eco rate will be far less than more.

therefore he is considered as a strike bowler (less eco rate and higher strike rate) who picks wickets at regular intervals.

Here let me specify the word “genuine wicket taking deliveries”. When a batsman makes an error while defending his wicket, and that ball is unplayable or forced to play a defensive shot and loses his wicket…that is where the wicket is considered as genuine wicket taking delivery!.

Adding to this, in today’s age when a batsman is tied down, than out of frustration he will throw his wicket to a ball that cannot be scored off!.

It goes for every type of bowler playing at all level and format.

History shows – that when bowler is having a great spell and picking wickets, he is hardly conceding any runs – his eco rate is low and vice versa when he is leaking runs. There are exception case in where batting side is not concerned of saving their wickets (usually chasing small/achievable target or trying to set a target)and here bowlers pick bunch of wickets(usually to rash strokes) and leak of runs.


Josh Hazlewood is one such “ wicket taking bowler" and he is not a strike bowler or stock bowler. His role-play is not defined clearly.   


In last 8 Test he has picked 32 wickets – which is very commendable but…

only 15.62% were because of his accuracy (L B W)

 -21.87% bowled, and 18.75% keeper’s dismissal.

The most surprising stats is – 59.38% of these wickets were dismissed outside the 30-yard circle not including the keeper, or close-in catchers getting out to a attacking shot!!.

Hazlewood has picked maximum(11) of his wickets inside 20 overs. However in last 6 Inns (see stats table below) his effectiveness with new ball has faded and he is able to pick only 2wkts in first 20 overs.


Here is a list of Hazlewood’s bowling figure(since WI series-April 2015) – phase-wise in last 16 Inns(8 Tests). In terms of Eco.rate and Strike rate he has been very ineffective in first phase (0-20 overs) in last 5 Tests!. 

The spells in red highlight indicates 4 or more boundaries conceded by Hazlewood.


Footnote : In no aspect Hazlewood is like Glenn McGrath …but more like Paul Reiffel  

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