5 Sep / 2015(343)…New ICC rule will enhance cricketing skills

One of the best rules employed by ICC.

The new fielding regulations is perhaps one of the best laws in cricket. Here no team can dictate when to employ/avoid power plays. It is an mandatory rule for all situation/circumstances(curtailed games have same formula)

The powerplays are

Powerplay 1 (0-10) overs : no more 2 fielders outside the 30-yard circle

Powerplay 2 (11-40) overs ; no more than 4 fielders outside the 30-yard circle

Powerplay 3 (41-50) overs – no more than 5 fielders outside the 30-yard circle




Two reason I like the new law,

  • First it would help players enhance their fielding skills. The bowling side can develop various strategy/tactics to restrict runs. Allowing 5 fielders outside the circle in last phase(41-50)overs and it would be a great test for sloppy fielders/teams.
  • Secondly batsmen have to work hard to score fast runs in the last phase. When teams are looking to score fast they usually to look to score runs in boundaries but with this new law, they would have to look for lesser scoring shots regularly to post defendable total or when chase big scores. This way they can enhance their skills in running between the wickets and explore new ways to find gaps for boundaries.

This new fielding law has enhanced cricketers in limited overs. One hopes to see some great catches, direct run-outs, fast running between-wickets.


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