6 Jul / 2015(325)…Fielding-II(12.95% in close-in) has kept the balance in Test matches

In my last post I wrote about how fielding can help even the balance between bowling and batting. In Test matches thought fielding has kept balance.

Since WC2015 –378 Test wickets have fallen in 12 Tests –

Close in dismissals: The range is from keeper, slips, gully, silly-point, short-cover, short-mid-off, short-midwkt, short-leg, leg-slip- and anything that is inside 10 yards circle. In a Test match usually one has lot of fielders inside the 20-yard circle and if there is a new batsmen comes into bat than the close-in gets populated, therefore it is evitable that 42.06%(159/378) were dismissed inside 20-yard circle.

Interestingly 83(12.95%) of these dismissals came in catching close-in field positon(slips, gully, silly-point, keeper, short-leg &, leg-slips)

Low score dismissals: 160 were dismissed inside 10 runs(42.38%) (160/378)

In a batting card the last five batsmen are called tail-enders, because they are not a specialist batsman, they are bowlers of all types. In terms of scoring runs their contribution is very less, therefore most of the low score dismissals is found in these(bat No 7,8,9,10,11) position. In this stats, 76 batsmen(bat No 7,8,9,10,11)  were dismissed inside 10 runs(20.11% – 76/378) and rest were top/middle order.

Now, out of these 160 low score dismissals(all batting position).

  • 68 low scorers were dismissed(all batting position) inside close-in fielding position- 17.99% (68/378)
  • 92 low scores were dismissed(all batting position) outside close-in fielding position- 24.34 (92/378)

 This above stats is basic analysis.. however if one has to remove the openers from the list and find out low score dismissals for other batting position. Than it would be interesting to see how many were dismissed when close-in fielders were placed, irrespective of game situation!.

 Here is the observation.

Out of 160 low score dismissals, 126 were non-openers.

 46 low score dismissals(non-openers) happened in catching close-in field positon – 12.16% (46/378)

 Although this 12.16% looks very little but if you have a new batsmen coming to the crease(irrespective of batting team ‘s position) than chances of him getting dismissed to low score will increase. They would find it difficult to post a decent/substantial partnerships.

 This concludes fielding analysis.

All data is updated before the start of SL v/s Pak 3rd Test.

Here is a link to all the stats indicators http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489



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