16 Apr / 2015(311)..287 fours/140 sixes(Indian Proportion level)10 games

At end of 10 games (IPL8) 2015

Up till now, batsmen have dominated the tournament – a score of 150 is easily chased and anything above 170 seems to be much easier.

The last 3 games saw teams chase down 167, 164 & 166  with 5 or more wickets to spare.

Here is stats gfx of 1st/2nd bat




Here are other Gfx

1-Batting Order v/s Partnerships – The middle order is thin in scoring runs, but lower order partnerships has held the fort to win games/set reasonable total for teams to defend.

bat no-partnership

 2- Runs contributors : In 10 games 19 scores of 50 plus were score by batsmen, and in this 9 came from Indians(International and domestic)batsmen. IOII-10-GAME


3 -wickets contributor : Interestingly 33.33% of wickets were taken by spinners(both Int and Indian)up till now..will this change high scoring pattern?.

10 bowl contrib

The pattern up till now is NOT to lose wickets in first two phase and than launch at then end….

here is how runs are scored in last 5 overs –

Scoring rate: 73.31/100 balls or 27.00% dot balls.

Boundary rate = 24.91/100 balls

sixes = 12.27/100 balls

Runs/Over =11.14



The amazing part of scoring rate is…10 games produced 287 fours, and almost half were (140) sixes, which was never the case in any IPLs!!.


links to all the stats indicators http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489

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