12 Apr / 2015(310)…Indian Proportion Level(IPL)

The Eight IPL edition has began(above gfx displays last years run rate of matches played in India), and one hopes this would display delightful skills from players, especially from local talent. In terms of innovation and technology sport itself is ever changing, and winning and losing matches has always been unpredictable.

And one believes that IPL is the most unpredictable cricket tournament played, hence it’s the most sought out by all!.

If one has to measure skill level of players, than there is a huge gap between the local and Int.players, especially display of basic cricketing skills.

However thanks to media coverage and hype, this tournament in last 8 years has given more opportunities and exposure to cricketers who in return had given variable performance at Int. level.

Therefore one begs to ask, Is IPL a finishing school ?

..No not in pure learning sense, but yes, it has allowed local talent to play alongside the best in the world, and same time reached to a wider audience!.

At this point of writing, 5 IPL games have been played. A GFX analysis.

Here I am focusing on comparison of local talent against International players(both Indian and overseas), and at this moment keeping it very simple by displaying their contribution.

Batting Order performance(% of runs are displayed- viz runs/divided by each bat. Position)

I like the balance in this data, especially from overseas Int talent. They have played a strong supporting role at the start and in the middle of an innings.

It is never easy to play the new ball, irrespective of format or level, and below GFX clearly reflects some ordinary performance from Indian openers(especially domestic).

2015ipl(bat type)


Below table shows contribution of  % runs scored for each batting position.

Bat order Ind.domestic Ind.Int Overseas.Int
I 4.1 38.7 57.2
II 2.9 61.8 35.3
III 37.3 12.7 50.0
IV 50.3 28.6 21.1
V 10.2 36.2 53.6
VI 18.1 23.5 58.4
VII 4.9 0.0 95.1
VIII 32.4 35.3 32.4
IX 45.5 54.5 0.0
X 0.0 71.4 28.6
TOTAL 16.0% 32.9% 45.6%



Bowling performance( % of wickets taken )

In terms of contribution, the Indian bowling(both domestic and Int.) have an edge on overseas players.

Here i have included a rare data in Bowling GFX -viz % Run Out. Run outs are very rare in T20, and so far there are 10(16.66%) in this IPL!.


 2015IPL(bowlers type)


Below table shows contribution of each bowling type for bowlers.

Bowling type Ind.domestic Ind.Int Overseas.Int
LBG 50.0 25.0 25.0
LFM 0.0 50.0 50.0
LMF 0.0 0.0 100.0
OFFIE 0.0 83.3 16.7
RFM 10.0 10.0 80.0
RM 25.0 0.0 75.0
RM 0.0 0.0 100.0
RMF 54.5 45.5 0.0
SLA 25.0 25.0 50.0
Total 18.30% 26.70% 38.30%



Here I have not separated International players from domestic players. I have summed up the runs for each partnerships and batting position.

In terms of runs scored, I like the way the innings have began. Not every opener in this IPL is throwing his bat around. They are reigning themselves and launching later (post 10th over). It was nice to see Chris Gayle play an anchor role while chasing 179 for RCB’s first game last night(April 11,2015).

2015IPL partners vs XI



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