24 Feb / 2015(293)WC2015: Pts & Ratings(end of 15th game)

After end of 15th game of WC2015 here are points and ratings.



Interestingly one point was shared for abandoned game(AUS v Bang) as far as ICC rules.… but in my ratings, points are only for winning a game, therefore there would be no points for abandoned games, and to avoid these, I would use T20 method or methods used by football, hockey, and other sports –viz penalty shoot-outs. In cricket’s T20 format, there is a super over for tied games.

I feel ICC should find a way to finish a game and abolish abandoned One Day Internationals.

The teams can play the next day, and if rain still persists, or for other reason match cannot be played, than change the venue and date, but not abandoned the contest, but find a way to finish that contest.  


The methodology of rating points works this way:-

  • There are (2) points for wins.
  • Higher ranked teams winning against lowest ranked gets less points and more points for lowest ranked team win against highest ranked teams.
  1. 5 points for wining against – AUS – SA – IND – SL
  2. 4 points for wining against – NZ – PAK – ENG –WI
  3. 2 points for winning against – BAN – ZIM
  4. 1 points for winning against associate teams(Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan, UAE)


I have employed a bonus point system for margin of wins and it applies for all type of matches.

  • 5 points for winning by 100 or more runs
  • 5 points for winning by 6 or more wickets
  • 5 points for winning with more than 15 overs to spare (for both 1st/2ndbat teams).

To have an additional impact I have added player’s caps(only wins). The sum of ODI wins for each member of playing XI. The winning team will get the rating difference of their opponent.

Here are links to previous posts on point ratings.



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