13 Dec / 2014(279)….Prophecy of statistics: An explanation to

I was meaning to clear and explain this statistical prophecy when I was writing this post(http://allthatcricket.com/?p=1489) but it slipped, and now in concluded Adelaide Test match I got the opportunity to explain it.

“When a batsman scores a run either with bat or involuntarily (byes or legbyes)…those runs are for his team foremost”!.

Very similarly, a partnership starts and ends when a wicket falls and it does not matter how many batsmen share provided they don’t get out.

Here is my view:

A  Partnership: It can be between more than 2 batsman, but runs scored by them is for only one particular wicket, and it is not over till one gets out or forfeits his wicket(in that case he would be declared out as dismissed, and not retired not out). Here is an example of an error I noticed in many websites.

1st Test/Adelaide (Dec 2014-15)Border Gavaskar Trophy.

In Australia’s 1st inn(Day 1) Clarke came into bat at No.4 when the score was 2/88(18.3). He and Warner put on partnership of 118 runs for the 3rd wicket….however due to back injury he had to retired in the 44th (43.2)over when the score was 2-206. He was replaced by Steve Smith(Bat No.5), who with Warner put on 53 runs for the same wicket(3rd wkt). Than Warner got out, and finally Australia lost their 3rd wicket at 258.

Therefore the runs put on for 3rd wicket is 170 and not unbeaten 118 & 52…. (every website displays it).

Yes, one can retire and bat again provided the retirement is justified, but the wicket is not lost unless it is accepted as lost- Therefore when a batsman retires the wicket is not lost and replaced batsman continues for the same wicket partnership. Hence total runs scored by the three should be summed up, and not displayed separately. Those are teams’s runs scored by two or more in partnership for a particular wicket.

Batting Position: On the other hand, in the above case, most certainly the batting position shifts. Clarke who came into bat at No.4, retired hurt(60*), and came back to bat at No.8 at the fall of 6th wicket (Haddin). He got out for 128. If one wishes, his runs can be divided statistically into two batting position and divided by one wicket as he finally got out!.  

Another stats mistake i always observe!.

When is a batsman not out ?. For a batsman to be counted as not out(before he faces a ball/takes guard) in a scorebook, he needs to step on the ground(inside the rope)!.

e.g If a game is interrupted immediately after a wicket falls. The next batsman (stipulated) should not be given as not out 0*(zero not out)till he walks on to the ground.

Will update whenever I observe such error.


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