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Analysis of Aust v/s Pak 1st Test

I missed day one of the first test, hence i was not able to record/update relevant data therefore data that reflects in Pak 1st inn only features day 2 performance.

Field zone : 

The map shows balls/runs scored in primary fielding position. Runs are displayed in red color and balls that went to each position are in black color.

I believe (particularly) this is very vital for fielding side, not only it shows where runs are scored, but also outcome of each ball in field position either intentionally or involuntarily by batsmen. E.g Short leg position had 43 balls touched and only one run was scored. This can be further analysed into phases of an inning, bowlers, batsman, partnership, type of shots played, type of balls bowled etc.

Fielding position can become dynamic for bowling side if its studied properly.

Pak (1st Inn)

pak 1st inn



Australia (1st inn)

aust 1st  fieldzone


 Pakistan (2nd inn)

pak 2nd inn

Aus (2nd inn)

aus 2nd inn

Team phase :

A brief view on how teams progressed in 10-over phase of their innings.

Runs/wkts column indicates runs scored in each phase, and the average columns next to it is the calculated formulas of each independent phase.

Pak(1st inn)


Pakistan’s run rate started to increase after 40th over. Since there was consistent amount of boundaries hit and gradual increase in big overs(last column). This reduced bowler’s effectiveness in terms of % mdns & % L 4. Enabling Pakistan to score big.



Aus (1st inn)

Synopsis: An excellent start was slowly vaulted by regular wickets due to irresponsible batting. Interestingly they maintained their scoring rate even with lower/tail batsmen.



Pak(2nd inn)

Synopsis: A  big lead is vital for team to get a great start in 2nd inn. Pakistan didn’t falter this time around, as they got off to a confident start and never lost momentum through out their innings. The only wicket the Aussies got was at end of Pakistan’s inning when they were on verge of declaring.



Aus(2nd inn)

Synopsis: Once again openers got off to a solid start, but the second phase decided their Test fate.Aussies quickly lost 4 wickets between 11-20th over.

After that a valiant effort by their tail to save the Test.



More to follow …


Here is a link to meaning of all indicators/formula –

A Guide to Indicator & Formula. Its meaning and explanation.

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