10 Aug / 2014(252)….Role play

Measuring Batting Performance

I propose that we need to find an appropriate combination of indicators to value batting performance in all forms of the game. We need to be sensitive to the diversity of opportunities that each batsman has (or does not have) to make runs.

I recommend the Role Play metric as an important indicator worthy of consideration.

Role Play

The role each batsman plays in his or her team’s run scoring performance is derived from a team’s in-score /out–score. Role Play is a partnership measure. Each partnership is a total of each batsman’s personal score plus extras. Role Play runs are divided between both batsmen in a partnership. Each partnership is calculated as a contribution to the team’s score.


–       Role play runs /2 = Runs contribution

–       Role play/Team’s score = Value of batsman’s performance towards team’score

PS- Have concise and copy edited. In my next post will share example of role play.

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