14 Apr / 2014(224)…Cricket is played in transition

All formats of cricket is played in transition. Therefore knowing each pattern of each phase of every format is important. Every Int.athlete(all sports) has all the skills, its always their technique which is challenged. Cricket is played in transition, and these skills are challenged in each phase. Its how they execute determines their performance. 

E.g Every Int. batsman knows how to play the sweep shot,the cover drive or any shot played by cricketer. Its a skill he should have learned or needs to learn. If he is affluent in particular skill than we would see him playing with great ease and comfort, but if not than we would not see him play till he reaches some level of confidence. Few won’t play the sweep shot till they have settled or confident enough, or the drive off the front foot. Similarly with bowlers, some won’t bowl their variation on the first very ball, or early part of an over. Confidence plays a huge role in opening their “learned skill”, and once that has happened, every skill looks technically correct!.

These skills and technique can be measured by collecting their data in video format, numbers, or text. In last few years sports science has reached great height in measuring teams/players performance.

I believe Sports Science has the potential to reach where “Science” has helped us in understanding our universe and its inhabitants. Scientists are always looking for cure for various disease, and there is constant research going on to help find cure. Once they found the formula for the cure, it gets trial period for certain time, before it is available for general public.  

In sports, qualitative analysis is similar to these medicines, which helps players/teams to perform successfully.  Here is a small video explaining little bit of qualitative analysis.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2014/04/2014-qq-explain.flv]

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