20 Sep / 2023ODI Batting partnerships – Pre World Cup form for combinations

Based on 22 matches played in the month September involving 10 teams there is high density for the 3rd wicket batting partnership.

Although it was played in different continents, but shorter format always has certain pattern and trends. These pattern and trends are based on how teams want to play their ODI cricket. It also depends on how successful they are in T20 cricket and what worked for them in terms of batting/bowling and field placement.

In South Africa 4 times(in 5 matches) teams went past 300 score while batting first. 1st Bat Avg score is 336

In Asia Cup inspite of conducive bowling condition in Sri Lanka teams were able to score defendable totals.  1st Bat Avg score is 247, and 4 x 300 score(1st bat) in 13 matches. In England apart from one match all had big score when teams batted first- The avg score 1st bat is 299 in 4 matches

All this will give us some idea how teams will perform in forthcoming World Cup



Australia in South Africa – 5 ODI matches series 2023 







New Zealand in England - 4 ODI matches series 2023 







Asia Cup (13 match series ) 2023 in Sri Lanka and Pakistan










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