1 May / 2022(701)…IPL 2022 – Success rate in phases

Here is a brief analysis on how teams have fared after each phase of the tournament. In a long tournament like IPL where 60 matches played, its not easy for teams to be regularly consistent in all department.

If they are able to keep their form without worrying about the end result, then there is a greater chance of them winning the title.

Now a tournament of 60 matches is divided into 15 matches/phase, and currently we are at end of 3rd phase(44 games).

Teams usually play 3 matches in each phase. If we see one team playing less or more matches per phase, than it means they had large or small gaps between matches



Last night (44th match) we saw MI (Mumbai Indians) win their first match of this tournament.  The match was won in the last over hence there was very little dent on RR (Rajasthan Royals) NRR.

Below gfx is  Net Run Rate progression chart.

Interestingly there are teams(PBKS,KKR) who are not in top 4 have progressed with their NRR - At end of 3rd phase only four team's NRR is under zero!. 





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