2 Jul / 2021(639)..T20I can be your way of winning!.

Various method to win a T20I match 

Do teams use various method to win a T20I match ?. Here we find out in the ongoing series between West Indies v/s South Africa. This series is level at 2-2 and both teams have used different method to win their matches.

The deciding match is tomorrow (3rd July, 2021) played at same venue St.Geroge where previous four matches were played.

First let us look at whole team’s performance in winning matches both with bat and ball. I have used 18 various indicators to compare them.


Team Batting 

In batting West Indies are far superior in 11 indicators compare to South Africa’s 7. It is well known fact that West Indies use boundary hitting as their method to score big and win matches. In this series they also maintained higher percentage of big overs STATS (10+ RPO) and when winning they lost lesser wickets hence their batting average is much higher than South Africa.

On the other hand South Africa winning method has been less aggressive yet their overall scoring rate was 10% more than West Indies. They have been very good in rotating strike that help them reduce L 5 STATS(overs with < 5 RPO)



Room for improvement!.

West Indies batsmen can start rotating strike, and along with boundaries they can  give importance to lesser scoring shots as well!. This will help them reduce -2 consecutive dot balls(3 successive dot balls)STATS immensely. It will also help them reduce C 5 (consecutive overs of < 5 RPO)STATS.

South Africa on the other hand need to seek more boundaries. They need boundary riders. Their middle order is in-experienced, hence weak in finding boundaries. It’s their top order that has to stick around and look to clear ropes regularly!.


Team Bowling

Bowling has been very good from both teams. There is hardly much difference when they are winning.

West Indies however can reduce their scoring rate STATS to less than 60. This can be done if they don’t have allow regular consecutive scoring shots STATS. This will help them increase their L 5s (overs that went for < 5 RPO)and C 5 (consecutive overs of < 5 RPO)STATS.

South African had to bowl to stronger batting side, and so far they have done exceptionally well!. They need to maintain this in the final match. It won’t be easy, but if they can control West Indies six hitting than they can win the series.



West Indies are trying new opening pair, and filling the middle and lower order with experienced batsmen. Players like Dwayne Bravo has been pushed down to No. 9 and below. Their core batting is in the top and middle order featuring power hitters like Lewis, Gayle, Pollard, Hetmyer and Russell.



South Africa on the other hand are a new team, with only de Kock having some experience.




Surprisingly experienced bowlers like Rabada and Ngidi have been very expensive!.



The host has a balanced bowling attack. Its a combination of different type of bowlers who are well equipped in bowling in this format.


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