18 Jun / 2021(636) At Southampton…a tale of fast bowler’s length

World Test Championship.


As India New Zealand play the finals of first ever World Test Championship(June 18-22, 2021) we take a look at the venue of this contest.

Firstly I was surprised that it was not played at Lord’s, the home of cricket but at Rose Bowl, Southampton.

As I write this post, 1st day’s play has been delayed due to rain, and its likely there won’t be any play. However ICC authorities have made provision for one reserve day so that there is no time lost.

My initial thought of finals being played at Lord’s allowed me to look at data of each bowling ends. The Lord’s has 2.5 meter slope at one end of pitch that usually helps movement across the right handed batsman. After realising its played at Rose Bowl I looked Southampton data.

The Bowling Ends :  The Northern End and The Pavilion End.

During the World Test Championship cycle (WTC) three test matches were played at Rose Bowl.

Interestingly the first over of all the innings(3 Tests/9 inns)was bowled from The Northern End.

Here is look at how data is arranged across various pieces of my analysis.


Below is analysis of two bowling ends. Interestingly bowlers were able to pick more wickets from The Pavilion End and in one match England played v/s West Indies 23 wickets were picked from The Pavilion End!.

I suppose India’s selection was based on this particular data and which type of bowlers had most success.




Top Bowlers for each bowling end.

There is some kind of similarities with these bowlers(apart from James Anderson), i.e the length they bowl. They all bowl slighter(generally) shorter than fuller, and I am sure Anderson must have changed his length at this venue.

What is more interesting is Jofra Archer picking only 3 wkts in 2 tests, and Shaheen Afridi picking only 3 wkts!. Both these bowlers bowl slightly fuller(generally).

Looking at this data one can imagine how India and New Zealand bowlers will bowl here.


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