23 Apr / 2019559- IPL-2019(The 12th Edition)A brief pattern

At end of 40 matches the top teams are –

Delhi Capitals – 11 games, 7 wins – @ 0.18 Net Run Rate

Chennai Super Kings – 10 games, 7 wins @ 0.08 Net Run Rate

Mumbai Indians – 10 games, 6 wins @ 0.35 Net Run Rate


Sun Rise Hyderabad – 9 games, 5 wins @ 0.73 Net Run Rate

The venue for the finals has been confirmed now. Hyderabad will host the finals on 12th May, 2019. The overall run rate at this venue slightly lower @8.12 /over, with decent Avg (runs/wkt) @25.85. The win factor at this venue is very healthy @ 39.27 – going @ 9.24/ over .

Interestingly Chennai who were supposed to host the finals, is now only hosting the first play-off  1st qualifier on 7th May. They could not provide solution to their 3 closing stands at Chidambaram Stadium before the stipulated date of 12th May. The other two play-off games will be played at Vishakapatnam on 8th and 10th May.

Surprisingly ACA-VDCA stadium at Visakhapatnam  had only one domestic match played this Indian season!. It was a Ranji match played on Dec 22-2018 between Andhra Pradesh v Bengal. The match was drawn, with last two innings was going at 5.75 R/o.  Other than this game, there was no limited over tournaments played(Deodhar Trophy or Syed Mushtaq Ali) here. One hope the surface will keep balance between bat and ball.

Coming back to this year’s IPL – at this stage of the tournament (end of 40 games) teams have lost less wickets. On average (both inns) 5.7 wickets/Inn.

Last year at end of 40 games – 485 wickets were lost @ 6.06 wkts/Inn.

So far this IPL has a healthy run rate of 8.43(win factor 8.89) and average runs/wkt – 28.98(win factor 36.30),

and interestingly it was quite similar last year with R/o 8.56( 8.90) and average runs/wkt- 27.23(win factor 32.84)

Below is GFX analysis of trends and pattern

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