20 Jul / 2013(163)…Ashes(2013)Partnerships(to flourish, rearrange Bat.order?)

Australia batting Partnerships (2013)

In 11 innings Aussies had 17 x50+ partnerships, in which only 4 were converted into 100s. For them the problem lies at the top order (2nd, 3rd , 4th & 5th wkt) which has taken a sharp fall in the ongoing Ashes. Batsmen who come in at No.3, & 4 are direct responsible for this fall, as in 11 innings they have been involved only in  2 x 50 plus partnerships – and none got converted into 100. A brief look at batsmen taking this position and their scores in last 11 inns.


Bat No. III Runs scored Series Bat No. IV Runs scored
P Hughes 6 In India S Watson 28
D Warner 23 In India P Hughes 0
P Hughes 19 In India S Watson 23
P Hughes 0 In India S Watson 9
M Clarke 0 In India P Hughes 2
P Hughes 69 In India S Smith 5
P Hughes 45 In India S Watson 17
E Cowan 24 In India P Hughes 6
E Cowan 0 Ashes M Clarke 0
E Cowan 14 Ashes M Clarke 23
U Khwaja 14 Ashes P Hughes 1




Below is Avg runs partnerships for each wicket for Australia


Wkts In India(2013)   Ashes(2013)
I 40.5 48.3
II 18.5 11.7
III 25.5 6.33
IV 22.5 28
V 33.8 24
VI 28.4 4.33
VII 6.75 16.3
VIII 35.4 4
IX 24 8
X 20 84


England : There is steady drop in their batting performance, especially for their openers. However there is always someone to bail them out….before it was Matt Prior at lower order, now its Ian Bell.

England picked Joe Root an aggressive batsman to partner Cook for 1st wicket. He replaced Nick Compton who averaged a modest 26.00 with a strike rate of 34.00 in India, and interestingly Compton showed considerable improvement in his next series (v/s NZ) where he averaged 37.57 with a strike rate of 36.94…but it was Root’s performance(role play + st.rate) at No.6 that prompted selectors to gamble and make him open the batting with Cook in this series(Ashes)…..but, as an opener so far  he has failed in 3 inns (scores of 30.5.6), and currently unbeaten on 18* in 2nd Test /2nd Inn. England lead by 264 in this game, an ideal situation for Root to play his natural game.



Bat No. I Runs scored Series Bat No. II Runs scored
A Cook 10 In NZ N Compton 0
A Cook 116 In NZ N Compton 117
A Cook 17 In NZ N Compton 100
A Cook DNB In NZ N Compton DNB
A Cook 4 NZ in Eng N Compton 13
A Cook 43 NZ in Eng N Compton 2
A Cook 32 NZ in Eng N Compton 16
A Cook 21 NZ in Eng N Compton 15
A Cook 34 NZ in Eng N Compton 1
A Cook 130 NZ in Eng N Compton 7
A Cook 13 Ashes J Root 30
A Cook 50 Ashes J Root 5
A Cook 12 Ashes J Root 6
A Cook 8 Ashes J Root 18*



England batting partnerships (2013)


Wkts NZ( 5 Tests in 2 series)2013 Ashes(2013)
I 48.22 18.67
II 62.78 19.66
III 38.22 45.33
IV 29.33 43.66
V 33.11 80.33
VI 24.44 16.33
VII 20.88 60
VIII 34.57 7
IX 14 9.33
X 3.71 16.7



Australia batting partnerships(2013)





Aus Test partnerships(2nd Test)


England batting partnerships(2013)




Eng Test partnerships


All that data updated till end of Day 2, 2nd Ashes Test @ Lord’s

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