21 Dec / 2016(440)…England lost in India,but performed better than NZ

After dominated the first test at Rajkot England had gradual but consistent fall in their performance(bat and bowl). It was their middle order batting that lacked consistency. IF one has to look at their batting partnerships than it was more consistent than India’s opener, who apart from last test never got a solid start.
England major reason to save or win the series was lack of consistency from selection, and both bowling and batting partnerships. Their inability to capitalise when they had the momentum with ball, and unable to take advantage of their good start.

Now if one has to compare England and New Zealand’s performance in India than England performed much better. Here is their batting comparison against India.

Below are few graphics based on their partnerships and a comparison with India’s performance.
In tables below average of >40 is marked in red.

India on the other hand, fought back with great resilience. Their 7th(59.57) and 8th wkt(70.83) produced the best partnership in this series. They could have lost few test and the series but arrested their collapse by putting on vital partnerships, which England were unable to break.

Here is snap shot of India’s batting performance in last two series. They scored 9 centuries in concluded series v England.

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